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A Hot Date In Melbourne

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The following is our guide and tips for an authentic Melbourne date.

A classic Melbourne-style date begins with a picnic lunch in the park, in any of the many gorgeous parks in town. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to find a picturesque park, lay down a picnic mat and enjoy a relaxed afternoon in the shade. We recommend visiting the Carlton Gardens  located on Rathdowne Street.

lunch in parkpark old couple

For dessert, and the quintessential Carlton experience, visiting any of the many original Italian gelati shops on Lygon Street is a must. Out of the many flavors to be tasted we recommend the love-chocolate.

gelati gem&tuck gelati

Having had a good lunch and dessert, and to escape some of the summer heat, take a walk down the Melbourne Museum which is right next to the Carlton Gardens, for an unforgettable experience down history’s path.

museum museum two ppl

Neither would you want to miss out on the IMAX theatre experience; the third largest screen in the world. Be sure not to argue over which movie to watch though…


After the movie, a romantic stroll or swing, or both, through the neighbouring Carlton Gardens… Photos are only illustrative…

swings tim & inder

After a fun filled afternoon we suggest drinks. You can visit any of the little Italian places on Lygon street, or stop by the deli and impress your date with your culinary skills by designing your own tapas.

 photo-10 photo-11deli

Following these simple steps will assure you a wonderful time and a second date, if you wish…

Stay tuned for tips on second dates or how to lose a bad first date..

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