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Flying the Waves of St. Kilda

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Think sport. Think Australia.

Extreme Adventure Sports Australia

Extreme Adventure Sports Australia

Sport is a fundamental part of Australian culture. Melbourne, the sporting capital of the country, hosts an array of sporting events such as Formula 1, Australian Open, Melbourne Cup and Australian Football league. We wanted to find the most exhilarating sporting experience in the country, which is when we came across Kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding by the city

Kiteboarding by the city

What is Kiteboarding? Think of a sport that allows you to roam the surface of the ocean and use the wind to launch off the waves. It literally involves strapping a board to your feet and holding a kite to leverage the sea breeze. It’s a bit like flying a kite, only in this case, the kite is flying you. To cut a long story short, kiteboarding combines aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one (seriously cool) sport.

Kiteboarding enthusiast

Kiteboarding enthusiast

St. Kilda beach has always been a great way to escape the clamor and commotion of the city. Experienced boarders often refer to the beach as Kite Paradise.

A Kiteboarding paradise

A Kiteboarding paradise

We interviewed a passionate local kiteboarder, who informed us that Melbourne is one of the only kiteboarding locations in the world that provides the benefit of proximity to a city. Another great aspect of a good kiteboarding beach is a shallow one, and St. Kilda possesses these characteristics.

One can learn the basics in just 5 hours (although it takes a lot more effort to gain the skill of launching off the waves!). It’s a good idea to reach early because too many kites in the water can be dangerous. The wind direction is an important aspect in that it should be in the direction of the beach as a safety measure.

Experienced boarders often define the experience as surreal, mainly due to the natural aspect. This also gives it an edge over its sister sport, wakeboarding, which allows boarders to attach themselves to a boat rather than a kite.

Kiteboarding in St. Kilda

Kiteboarding in St. Kilda

Price Range: Approximately $90- for 1 hour up to $360- for 5 hours (includes gear)

Personal or shared lessons are available for novices as well as experts

Local companies to check out:

  • The zu
  • Go kite
  • Melbourne kiteboarding
  • Kite republic
Kiteboarding Lesson Shacks

Kiteboarding Lesson Shacks

Authored By: Syndicate 6

  • Amanda “the Birthday Girl” Griman
  • Cheryl Tan
  • Divyan Salotra
  • Nischinth “the Niz” Chirla
  • Jenson Mader
  • Andrew Hale

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