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Interesting things to see and do ::: by the full time MBA students of Melbourne Business School

Melbourne on Bikes

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If you have only 2.5hrs to spare and would like to visit Melbourne city, how would you do it?

A leisure bicycle tour on a breezy summery day would do the trick and it allows you to cover expansive city grounds all within 2hrs.

The plan20130107_124515

Start with renting a bicycle from the University Square that is right across the Melbourne Business School… For a daily rental, it only costs $2.70 for the first 30mins; and $17 for up to 2hrs


Syndicate 11 on bikesStart

Remember, you need a helmet to ride around Melbourne, so head off to the nearest 7-eleven store and purchase a helmet for just $5 (tip: you can re-sell your helmet back to the7-eleven store for $3).

Getting the helmetWP_000500


Putting on the helmets..

Now, we are ready to explore the celebration of diversity, culture and history that the Melbourne city has to offer!



Melbourne Old GaolWP_000519


State Library of Victoria



Bike shop on Elizabeth Street20130107_135508



Flinders Station20130107_140835




As we made our way toward the huge ‘Merry Christmas’ sign hanging at the end of exhibition street, we found we had picked up a new member of our group. His name was Javier, and he was a tourist from Mexico.

“How do you find your bike?” I asked.

“It’s ok I guess, for what you pay” Javier replied. “Hey, what’s this for?”

“It’s a bell”
“What does it do?”

“It goes brriiinnng brriiinnng”

“Oh. Useful.”

Javier was intrigued why six locals would hire bikes together. “It’s like you’ve made yourselves tourists in your own city!” he laughed. And I guess he was right; riding around Melbourne, weaving in-and-out of traffic, jumping onto the bike paths when available and trying to ride one-handed whilst taking photos enables you to see Melbourne and its people from an entirely different perspective.

WP_000534Federation Square – where sporting enthusiasts gather to watch matches from the big screens.

Crossing the Yaraimage[2]


Shrine of Remembrance: Melbourne’s iconic landmark and Victoria’s  war memorial of National Significance, dedicated in 1934.

One of the activities which is a must do on a hot Melbourne afternoon is finding a spot of shade under a tree and having a nap on the grass. It should also be noted is an old tradition of scholars past especially Issac Newton, I do believe he did his best thinking under a tree while having a nap.20130107_142715

At the Shrine of Remembrance, we made a resolution to be the best syndicate “11”.20130107_143016

Now, we are ready to leave from Victoria’s memorial….Ready, Set, Go, heading back to MBS!20130107_143120


This little chap found a wounded wood pigeon on the Yarra and was intent on taking it to the safety of the Police….?! We weren’t exactly sure what the police might say but were more curious about the thought process going through his mind – a very honourable gesture but a feral city pigeon carried in hand to the police…! we encouraged him on his adventure thinking ‘we were all young once!’ as we progressed onto our next mini escapade…WP_000558


The uphill trip back homeWP_000563

Syndicate 11 is…



Hyeyoung and PamIceCream




No matter whether you may be a local or a tourist biking around a little ways from the CBD can be rewarding experience. In our little trip we witnessed a daring pigeon rescue hero, tourists who took the “Do not talk to strangers” to heart and sign language love.  Members also felt a wide range of emotions from ouchies, exhilaration, elevated heartbeats, penetrating Sun and a strong spirit of group bonding.

Though short, it was an enriching experience to see Melbourne from a different perspective and definitely a welcoming team bonding opportunity.

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