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Tattersall’s Lane – A Laneway to the Heart of Melbourne

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Tattersall’s Lane is one of Melbourne’s hidden laneway gems. Located between Lonsdale and Little Bourke the lane is a collection of bars, eateries and street art which are characteristic of the city’s lively and alternative vibe. Starting in the heart of Chinatown at Little Bourke wander up past Indian and Chinese restaurants, reaching the eclectic bars of Section 8 and Ferdyduke whilst keeping an eye out for street art before getting to the modern Mexican heaven of Touche Hombre.


Section 8

The trendy outdoor bar made out of a shipping container claims it offers a unique lane-way experience. It is a bar in a box and a beer garden without a pub. The Container Bar represents Melbourne’s alternative lane-way culture with graffiti artwork, Chinese lanterns, parasols and packing crates. Also it offers top-shelf spirits to long necks and gets eclectic DJ’s playing which makes it extremely busy and – noisy especially on a Friday or Saturday.

IMG_5191    IMG_5194               IMG_5199      IMG_5201


An Indian restaurant Situated on the Corner of Tattersalls La in the middle of Chinatown is known for its Indian cuisine. With lush traditional interiors, Gaylord provides rich flavored food cooked with Indian spices and a variety of dishes. Gaylord offers classical music nights on Friday and Saturdays with a loud decor. It is usually over crowded on weekends and also offers discount for group bookings. During weekends, it is common to find People celebrating birthday parties and other occasions. In comparison to other restaurants, Gaylord offers food in the reasonable price range of $ 15-20. For a food connoisseur, Tandoori chicken is worth giving a try.

IMG_9502      hero-300

IMG_9491    66566_66350_gaylord

Shanghai Dumpling House

Shanghai Dumpling house is one of the few Asian restaurants located in Tattersall’s Lane. The restaurant is well-known for its good-quality and cheap dumplings (a plate of 8 piece of dumplings only costs $ 5!). It also offers Chinese beers for its customers: Tsingtao and Harbin beer.

Even though there is nothing fancy about the restaurant interior and ambiance, Shanghai Dumpling has its share of loyal customers in Melbourne. During the lunch time, the place is relatively crowded and due to its limited space, different parties of guest have to share the same table. While the service is pretty efficient and the food comes quickly, do not expect too much of warm greetings and chats from the waiters/waitresses. Regular drinks are self-serviced – you have to get your own cup and fill it with tea by yourself.

While there are some areas of improvement to be done in Shanghai Dumpling, it is still one of the places worth visiting in Tattersall’s Lane. In the end, the good dumplings combined with good price overweigh the so-so service!

IMG_5228     20130107_123923

20130107_124607   shanghaiding (1)

Street Art

From building side murals to quirky hidden portraits keep an eye out for Tattersall’s Fantastic Street Art.

20130107_123204    IMG_5265   IMG_5205  IMG_5212

IMG_5219   IMG_5221

IMG_5225   IMG_5190


Ferdyduke is a bar on the corner of Stevenson Lane overlooking Section 8. The bar offers an interesting range of hot dogs with names including the Paul Newman, Pope John Paul & the Bohemian Rhapsody.Watch out for the alternative staff traipsing up & down the stairs. There is an abundance of art work on the walls including a plethora of Melbourne’s favourite bushranging son Ned Kelly & is also a great place to play spot Merv Hughes.
IMG_5250 IMG_5255

IMG_5233 ferdyduke pic1

Syndicate 3 – GM 3

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