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The Old Melbourne Gaol: Ned Kelly’s last journey in Melbourne

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A modern cell?

A modern cell?

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A unique experience available only in Melbourne, the Old Melbourne Gaol is a living documentary of the history of Melbourne.
It’s claim to fame is that this is where controversial Australian Folk Hero and criminal, Ned Kelley, was brought to justice.
Ned’s story is one that traces the breadth of Victoria and culminates in Melbourne, yet impacted the entire nation.
As an experience it is involving and educational, giving attendees a flavor of the life and end of a man who is often regarded as representing the spirit of Australia.
Visitors can wander the cells of the old Gaol and see the gallows where Ned was hanged, live the life of a prisoner in the watch house exhibit and take a role in the recreation of Ned’s trial.
But who was Ned?
Dress up as Ned!

Dress up as Ned!

The most important question surrounding Ned Kelly was whether he was a hero or a villain? Some saw him as a symbol of the Australian spirit, someone who challenged authority and killed people. While other people saw him as a criminal and a cold blooded murderer. Despite this bad press, he is a well-publicised historical figure who enjoys fame many years after death.
Ned Kelly started off well, saving another boy from drowning when he was a child himself. However, when he was 14, he was accused of assaulting a Chinese man. A year after that, he was accused of being the accomplice of Bushranger Harry Power.
The real trouble started in 1878 when a police officer went to Ned Kelly’s family home to arrest his brother for stealing horses. The police officer claimed that Ned Kelly shot him in the wrist, although the evidence now suggests that he accidentally shot himself while drawing his gun. As a result, Ned’s mother was arrested for aiding her son with attempted murder and was sentenced to 3 years jail.
Although Kelly tried to earn honest money to appeal his mother’s sentence, he was unfortunately hunted by the police. Kelly and his gang engaged in a number of shot outs with police, which resulted in the deaths of a number of cops.
Eventually, Ned Kelly was captured, convicted of murder and executed at what is now known as the Old Melbourne Gaol.
Although Kelly was robber and a murder, he was a symbol of the Irish Australian resistance against the Anglo Australian ruling clash. One final disturbing fact about Ned Kelly was that he was in love with his cousin, Kate Lloyd.
The Court Room experience : Re-act the Ned Kelly’s trial


Be the Barister and try to save Ned from his destiny, death!

Be the Barrister and try to save Ned from his deadly destiny

Put yourself on trial in the old Melbourne Court room, where one of the most wanted criminals in Australia were judged and sentenced to death.
This is your opportunity to play the role of the Judge, Prosecutor, Barrister, Witnesses or even if you have an Irish accent Ned Kelly himself!
You’ll feel the tension and drama that was played in this old court over the last centuries.
The watch house experience
If you’ve never been arrested by the police, here is your chance to experience life in jail (30mins).
You’ll be charged of a crime and locked up in a real jail by a very convincing Sergeant.

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