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Interesting things to see and do ::: by the full time MBA students of Melbourne Business School

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In January, 2013, the Full-time MBA students at Melbourne Business School participated in a half-day challenge to jointly author a website showcasing interesting things to see and do in our city. The goal was to go beyond “regular touristy things”, and to present new experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Eleven teams of students brainstormed, observed and interviewed people, and put together a blog post showcasing a particular activity. Here are the results of their hard work.

Please  share your feedback and suggestions with each team by entering comments at the bottom of each blog post. Also, if you like a particular activity, kindly share it with friends and family or on your favorite social networking site.

Thank you for reading. Do try something adventurous when you visit Melbourne.

Kwanghui Lim

Associate Professor, Melbourne Business School